GARMIN inReach Mini now supported by TrackMe NZL - Pair it with a GARMIN INSTINCT Watch for the Ultimate adventure tool $999 for a limited time.


SpotNZ has Partnered with Garmin to bring you the best solutions to your Communication, Navigational and Tracking needs.

These are essential Garmin products to get you where you need to go as well as keeping connected when out and about, just in case you hook into the big one, stalking that prize or just taking in the vista that is in front of you.

For lone workers you can keep connected and ensure your safe and compliant with your company's Health and Safety Policies with TrackME solutions coupled with Garmin products.

We have chosen devices that have either Ant+ or Bluetooth connections to get the best out of Garmin's gear from TrackME, add in the best Satellite connection plan for play or work time and your all set.

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