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TrackMe Solo Plans - inReach devices

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Choose from our available plans to suit your device. See the photos of our plans and select which suits your situation. BYOD invited for DELORME Explorers & SE models, as well as the new GARMIN Explore Plus, SE Plus & Mini inReach devices.

Connect for a month or a year* and anything in between, just pay a low connection fee of $49 and pick your plan*.

TrackMe Solo Plans for individual connections provide access to our your customised tracking site and access to www.Trackmepro.com so you can manage your device and the message recipients.

All plans are backed by the 24/7/365 TrackMe Rescue and Response Centre working in conjunction with New Zealand Rescue and Co-Ordination Centre and Australian Federal Rescue Services. International Response by arrangement with GEOS International Rescue.

Fill out the form at Trackme.kiwi to register your device

(TrackMe Biz plans for business needing to keep their staff in contact, includes the addition of SALUS 2.0 automated Passive Alert System. Full Wellness Monitoring is also available by arrangement and subject to the implementation of a full Company Operating Procedure.)
*some plans are subject to minimum term with free connection